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Oh Reddit, how I love thee. 

Oh Reddit, how I love thee. 

Is flying the nest really for the best?

With ever increasing rates of unemployment as detailed in this article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15271800; students, graduates and young professionals are increasingly making the decision to stay at home, rather than face the big bad world. 

And who would blame them? How much is independence really worth when you are losing your chance at financial comfort in the future? I know that given my position right now, I would much rather have stayed at home and saved my pennies so that I could do the things I wanted to now. In fact, I have already made that decision.Home Sweet Home I gave it a shot, but now after having been unemployed for several months, I’m packing up for home. I’m returning to live rent free in a warm home where I don’t have to pay heating, electricity, t.v. license, council tax

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